Everyone’s journey is unique.


Wondering what the NEXT STEPS are here at Radiant Life?  We believe that following Jesus is not a classroom experience but a journey.

Don’t anticipate a stale class, taking notes all the time. These sessions will be filled with laughs, new friends, and training on how to follow Jesus in the 21st century. We are looking forward to getting to know you!




In this first step, join us around tables to connect with Ryan’s personal story, Radiant Life’s unique story and to discover how pursing God with us can impact your story as well.  


In this second step, enjoy some fun activities at your table and discover how to build community by making friends, following Jesus and making a difference in a small group.  

Change Maker

In this third step, discover how you are uniquely shaped to impact others.  You will have the opportunity to explore some of the areas within Radiant Life that you can get plugged into as a Change Maker. 


In this fourth step, we will explore how Radiant Lifers like you unleash compassion both locally and globally, changing the world one neighborhood at a time.  

Next Steps Experience Team:

Chris Kidd

Chris Kidd

Next Steps Facilitator Lead

Sandi Watson

Sandi Watson

Next Steps Experience Coordinator

Christine Heflin

Christine Heflin

Next Steps Experience Facilitator

Sheila Kidd

Sheila Kidd

Next Steps Table Host Director

Questions about taking your next steps? Email us:

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