Prayer Team

There are several ways to experience the power of prayer at Radiant Life Church.


prayer team
Prayer Teams

Our “War Room” teams meet in the prayer room each week during each service, interceding in real time for the services.

Worship Center teams are available during each service to pray for individuals and families. Prayer conversations are held in confidence.

Prayer requests that come in via FaceBook, email, or phone are prayed for by the prayer team as well as the Radiant Life staff.

During our once-a-month “First Wednesdays” we offer prayer with the anointing of oil for healing. Oil isn’t magical – this is symbolic of Holy Spirit working in us to accomplish healing. 

Interested in joining one of our prayer teams? Email us at

freedom min
Radiant Freedom Prayer Ministry

Our Radiant Freedom prayer ministry offers personal freedom prayer sessions for the purpose of gentle inner healing. These 3-hour sessions are designed to help Jesus followers receive freedom and victory over past wounds.

Our Radiant Freedom teams are well-trained and the conversations that take place in freedom sessions are held in confidence.

Prior to attending your freedom session, you are required to take part in an orientation. Orientation takes place every second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 in the Next Steps room at Radiant Life.

You will have the option to sign up for a freedom session at orientation. 

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