Life Groups

What is a life group?

A Life Group is a meeting of 5-30 people. Groups will often have a topic of discussion or simply get together and have a deeper conversation about the teaching from the weekend. Some groups are gender-based others are co-ed. Life Groups meet on different days, times, and locations. Look in the description of the group you are interested in for more details about the group.

When do groups meet?

We break Life Groups into three semesters-Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer. Signups for groups happen in August, December, and May.

Why should I join a group?

We were not created to do life alone. We are met to do life with others. Most of us are already in a community with others. However, are you in a community with people who will help better your life, we tend to become whom we are surrounded by. Jesus modeled community better than anyone. And if we are to take His example we should too! Maybe your next step is to get into a community with others who are focused on Jesus.

Maybe God has shaped you to be a life group leader and you want to explore what it looks like to make a difference by leading a group here at Radiant Life. You can apply here. 

D Groups

What is a D Group?

D-Groups are a gender based group of 3-5 people. They meet on a weekly basis for 12-18 months. The Bible is is the main source for the groups. You come together each week to discuss the Bible reading, how it transforming your life, and pray for people who are far from God.

When do D Groups meet?

Due to the long commitment of the group they can start anytime and meet anywhere.

Have more questions?

If you’re interested in a D Group or want to know more about them, please reach out Pastor Brandon!